Centrifugal casting2


LBI is a foundry specialised in centrifugal casting of non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, aluminium and nickel based alloys.

LBI casts, machines and supplies worldwide:

  • ring-shaped parts: rings, gearwheels, bushings, flange bushings
  • tubular parts: tubes, covers, rollers, rolls, liners


Main alloys

Copper based alloys

Copper based alloys

Pure and low alloyed copper (Cu)
Copper-nickel alloy (CuNi)
Copper-tin alloy (tin bronze - CuSn)
Copper-tin-zinc alloy (gunmetal - CuSnZn)
Copper-tin-lead alloy (lead bronze - CuSnPb)
Copper-zinc alloy (brass and special brass - CuZn)
Copper-aluminium alloy (aluminium bronze - CuAl)
Stainless steel

Stainless steels

Duplex and Super Duplex
Heat resistant steel
Austenitic steel
Martensitic steel
Ferritic steel


Aluminium-Silicium alloy (AlSi)
Aluminium-Copper alloy (AlCu)
Aluminium Magnésium alloy (AlMg)

Parts in Copper based alloys

Plain bearings, labyrinth rings, eccentric bushings, bearing housings, sliprings, propeller shaft liners, pressure nuts, circuit breaker bushes, circuit breaker rings, columns pipes, sealing rings, screw down nuts, wiper rollers, guiding bushes, cages for bearings, castings molds and much more.

Parts in Stainless steels

Zinc pot rollers, stabilizing rollers, shaft liners, wearing rings, columns pipes, sealing liners, liners, hollow shaft, decanter drums, pump housings, valves bodies, flanges, cages for valves, seating rings and much more.

Parts in Aluminium

Housings for vacuum chambers, sleeves, housings of underwater drones, electrical generator’s bodies, hollow shafts, MRI winding hubs, turbomolecular / vacuum pumps, printing rolls/ engraving rolls and much more.

Other alloys

LBI works with standardised alloys according to international norms (MAS, BS, DIN, EN, WNr, etc.) but also works on alloys specifically developed to meet the needs and demands of our customers. We can offer you specific alloys responding to the problems of corrosion resistance, resistance to friction, work in extreme temperature conditions, etc. LBI regularly casts other special alloys such as super alloys and nickel based alloys (NiCu, NiCrMo,…). Contact us for more information !


Our advantages

Main applications

LBI Foundries group supplies castings to many demanding industries : shipbuilding, pumps, valves and many others.