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The subsidiaries SRI and Inoxyda of the group LBI Foundries produce sand castings in copper alloys from 1 kg to 50 t unit weight. SRI produces small parts in copper alloys and Inoxyda produces large parts and is specialised in nickel aluminium bronze parts.

The castings can be delivered as rough castings, pre-machined or fully machined.



Copper based alloys

Copper based alloys

Pure and low alloyed copper (CuCr, CuCrZr)
Copper-aluminium alloy ( aluminium bronze - CuAl)
Copper-tin alloy (tin bronze - CuSn)
Copper-tin-lead alloy (lead bronze - CuSnPb)
Copper-zinc alloy (brass and special brass - CuZn)
Copper-tin-zinc alloy (gunmetal - CuSnZn)
Copper-nickel alloy (CuNi)

Examples of parts

Hub bodies, pump impellers, cpp blades, pump casings, gate valves, valves bodies, tubular plates, pump housings, propellers, arms for welding guns, pump runners, pump covers, electrical connections, bottle molds and much more.


Main applications

LBI Foundries group supplies castings to many demanding industries : shipbuilding, pumps, valves and many others.

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